January 2018 Sanctity of Life Newspaper Ad

On January 22, 2018 it will be 45 years since the Supreme Court handed down the Roe vs. Wade decision that made abortion on demand legal throughout all 50 states. To memorialize this anniversary Right to Life will be continuing an 18 year-old tradition of publishing a two-page advertisement in the edition of the Times Union newspaper closest to the anniversary (this year it will be in the Saturday, January 27 edition). The ad will also be posted on the Right to Life website.

This ad will include names of anyone who would like to be listed as a supporter of the pro-life cause. The suggested donation is $5.00 for individuals ($1.00 for students) and $10.00 for couples and families.

Your participation in the January Times Union ad would be very appreciated. You may have your name included in the ad by completing this form. Forms may be mailed to PO Box 1162, Warsaw, IN 46581. Deadline for names is Tuesday, January 16.

Your help with making this opportunity available at your church, with your pastor’s approval, will be appreciated. Sign-up forms for multiple individuals to sign up through churches can be downloaded here. Sign-up form for individuals can be downloaded here.

For churches to encourage their congregations to participate:
Suggested bulletin announcement
Group sign-up form

For more information, call 574-306-7406 or email: info@nci4life.org.

Download a pdf of the January 2017 ad here.

Author: rtlnci

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