For the past several months, Right to Life of North Central Indiana has been increasing our efforts to educate and inspire the next generation of pro-life leaders. We have connected with and supported pro-life student groups at Grace College, Indiana Wesleyan University, Columbia City High School, and Lakeland Christian Academy. And now, we have helped a new student group start up at Warsaw Community High School (WCHS), led by sophomore, Shaylee Viers, and junior, Taya Perry.

Pictured: Shayl1ee Viers (left) and Taya Perry (right)

Pictured: Shayl1ee Viers (left) and Taya Perry (right)

Shaylee was moved to reach out to Right to Life about starting a student group after hearing our pro-life presentation at her youth group back in November and attending our Life Guardians Training Day in February.  She connected with Liz over coffee, and Liz shared how Right to Life could support her in starting a Students For Life group at her high school. After their initial meeting, Shaylee invited her friend, Taya, to co-lead the group with her, and both girls met with Liz to discuss plans and preparations for their first call-out meeting.

When asked why she felt led to start a pro-life group at WCHS, Shaylee replied:

“I felt led to start a Students For Life at my school because one of my close friends started a Students For Life group at Lakeland Christian and she was urging me to start one at WCHS. And, God just put a passion inside me for protecting the unborn, so I knew I really wanted to help with the pro-life movement.” – Shaylee Viers, Sophomore

Starting a pro-life group can be an intimidating task if you don’t know where to begin. One resource that Right to Life has created is the Student Resource Page on our website. The Student Resource page was designed to provide students with helpful tips and guidance for starting, or maintaining, a pro-life group at their high school or college. On this page, we have provided students with printables, lists of meeting topics and event ideas, tips for starting a group and creating a social media page, and more! Liz is also a continuous resource for these students, as she is always willing to meet in-person, over the phone, or by Zoom to help students plan a meeting, brainstorm an event, or overcome an obstacle. Right to Life also offers financial assistance to student groups to help them buy snacks for meetings or cover other expenses they may have.

“Right to Life has been very helpful for us. Liz gave us direction on how to start the club, and connected us with resources, both for meetings and in general.” – Taya Perry, Junior

Warsaw Community High School’s Students For Life club held its first meeting on April 19th, with a turnout of roughly 6 students. Liz attended this meeting to speak to the students about Right to Life, our support for their efforts, and the value of a pro-life group at a large, public high school. The group has since had two more biweekly meetings, with 5-10 students in attendance, and meets in the faculty sponsor, Mrs. Rose Love’s, classroom before school. The students enjoy breakfast, fellowship, and Bible-centered discussions about abortion-related issues.

“Supporting a student-led organization like Students For Life is important to me to be able to provide the space for responsible and thoughtful dialogue between students who are both passionate for and just learning about the pro-life movement. Students For Life contributes to both educational and personal growth for the students, which will prepare them for an active and informed participation in society outside the walls of WCHS.” – Mrs. Rose Love, Science Teacher and Faculty Club Sponsor

The students are hoping to hold at least one more meeting, and visit Heartline Pregnancy Center together, before the school year ends. Shaylee and Taya are excited to really begin to develop the group more fully in the fall as they enter the 2024-2025 school year.

“Next year, one of our goals is to have events frequently. We want there to be a way for people to get involved and to expand out of the normal meetings to reach the community. Events like fundraising, parties, and volunteering are all in the works!” – Taya Perry, Junior

“We really want to DO more instead of just having meetings. I want to have more events and help out at Heartline Pregnancy Center. We are really hoping for a lot of growth in the club next year.” – Shaylee Viers, Sophomore

We are hopeful that the legacy of this group will extend through many generations of students at Warsaw Community High School, and that their efforts will positively impact the culture in our community and region. We feel grateful to have the opportunity to serve the next generation by empowering them for leadership in the life movement. If you or someone you know is interested in starting a pro-life student group on your high school or college campus, reach out to Liz at If you already have an active group at your school, Liz would still love to help you plan meetings, brainstorm, or provide you with resources that you may need.

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