American Pro-Life Movement Video Campaign

Pro Life Partners Foundation, based out of Plymouth, Michigan, has launched a national campaign branded the “American Pro-Life Movement”. They have released an 11-part video series designed to revolutionize pro-life messaging in post-Dobbs America. Abortion supporters and lobbyists are often effective due to their use of concise and unified talking points. Now, it’s time for the pro-life movement to unify our messaging strategies to more effectively change hearts and minds.

Read through this campaign overview to learn more about the objective, video themes, & distribution strategy.

We encourage you to watch all of the campaign videos, as they each share incredibly important life-related messages. At, you can watch all of the videos now. We will also be uploading one video onto our website page per week, branded with our own Right to Life of North Central Indiana logo.

Late-Term Abortion Is Real

Click the image to download.

10,000 late-term abortions took place last year.

What Makes a Hero

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Pr-life Video Campaign What Makes a Hero

A Father’s Choice

What Makes a Father - Pro-life Video

Wondering how YOU can play a role in this national messaging campaign?

  • Watch each video and familiarize yourself with the facts about each issue.
  • Download the videos for FREE and share them on your social media platforms, by email, or anywhere else your reach extends.
  • Encourage friends and family to watch the videos and share them with their circles of influence.
  • Download and share the images that accompany each video.

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