Right to Life of North Central Indiana building

In 2015 Right to Life of North Central Indiana was looking for larger office space than its location on Market Street in Warsaw. The building at 630 South Buffalo Street had an open suite for several years.  Unfortunately, that same building housed the local Planned Parenthood location for decades (abortion referral only). The owner of the building felt that having a Right to Life organization would conflict with a Planned Parenthood office.

However, the building was for sale.  RTL of NCI began to consider the possibility of organizing a donor/investor group to buy the building, allow Right to Life to rent and plan to eventually cancel Planned Parenthood’s lease. The longer-term plan was for Right to Life to purchase the building from the donor/investor group.

Planned Parenthood Closed SignJust as we were in the initial stages of putting together the buying group, this sign appeared on the Planned Parenthood door in July of 2015.

By the fall of 2015, Right to Life was renting the space that had been empty (same building as the Planned Parenthood location). In 2017, we began discussions with the building owner and were able to purchase the building on a land contract. The original loan was $135,000. It was later refinanced through 1st Source. Due to regular monthly payments and some generous donors, the balance is now $38,000. The loan interest will adjust (most likely upward) in the spring of 2025, so Right to Life is working towards paying the loan off by then. The building (actually two buildings) is now fully rented and Right to Life is able to keep its rent very affordable.

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