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The Indiana Department of Health released its annual Terminated Pregnancies report at the end of June for abortions performed in Indiana during 2022. Abortions increased in 2022 and the number of abortions performed on women from outside of Indiana increased substantially over previous years. Mike Fichter, President and CEO of Indiana Right to Life stated: “This was the result of abortion-industry hysteria, pre-emptive pro-life laws in Ohio and Kentucky that went into effect upon the overturning of Roe v. Wade, the time it took for Indiana’s legislation to pass, and judicial activism blocking Indiana’s new law from being in effect,” said Mike Fichter, president and CEO of Indiana Right to Life. “Together this combination of actions doomed Indiana to become an abortion destination state. This is exactly what we warned would happen, and it did.”

Number of Abortion Complications Increases

The number of complications from abortion reported by IDOH increased by 600% in 2022, including one death.  Of the complications reported, 72% were related to medical abortions with Mifepristone and Misoprostol listed as the abortion drugs used.

Indiana’s Abortion Numbers Drop

While Indiana saw an increase in the number of abortions in 2022, the number dropped significantly in the latter part of 2022. The drop was even more substantial in the first quarter of 2023. See the statistics for each of the nine counties served by RTL of NCI back to 2009 and including the 1st quarter of 2023.

Indiana Department of Health Reports

2022 Terminated Pregnancy Report
2022 Terminated Pregnancies Complications Report
January 1-March 30, 2023 Terminated Pregnancy Report
January 1-Mach 30, 2023, Terminated Pregnancies Complications Report

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