On Tuesday, August 10, 2021, District Court Judge, Sara Evans Barker, ruled on an injunction filed by Whole Women’s Health that blocks the provisions passed by the Indiana State Legislature in HB 1577.

Here is what the injunction blocks:

  1. Physician-only requirement for chemical abortions.
  2. Ban on telemed abortions, i.e. the prescriber and counselor need not be in-person.
  3. The requirement that second trimester abortions must be done in hospitals.
  4. Informed consent on fetal pain.
  5. Informed consent on when physical life begins.
  6. Multiple physical requirements for health and safety.

The injunction basically gives everything that Planned Parenthood wants to begin abortions in Evansville and Ft. Wayne could be another location for abortions to begin again.

Also, up until now, Whole Woman’s Health (WWH) could only do chemical abortions in South Bend. WWH told Judge Barker that they needed three building requirements lifted to start performing surgical abortions at her South Bend abortion business. Those requirements were:

  1. 120-square-foot procedure rooms
  2. Scrub facilities
  3. 44-inch corridors (this was included in requirements to allow EMS to access the facility quickly and easily in the event that an abortion client has an emergency situation.

Ignoring the fact that these three restrictions were put in place for the safety of women receiving abortions, Judge Barker gave all three requests to Whole Woman’s Health, opening the door to surgical abortions in South Bend. Keep in mind also that Whole Woman’s Health has been allowed by the courts to function without filing the required Indiana application to perform abortions in the state.

Attorney General Todd Rokita has filed a motion for stay pending appeal.  Read Indiana Right to Life’s information about this motion, here.