Mike Spencer to Speak on the Sacredness of Human Life

Mike Spencer Event

Many people reject or are indifferent to the pro-life view simply because they’ve never heard it presented in a compelling manner. On Sunday, October 22, at 10 am, Lucerne Christian Church (1585 W. Frushour Street, Lucerne, IN) will host Mike Spencer of Project LifeVoice who will speak on the sacredness of human life. He will help us simplify the abortion debate by focusing on two crucial questions; What are the preborn? & What makes humans valuable? You will also learn to refute logical fallacies of pro-choice rhetoric intelligently & graciously without the need of vitriol and angry dialogue.

Mike is the president of Project LifeVoice and travels extensively throughout the United States equipping pro-lifers in churches, on high school and university campuses, and serving as the keynote at pro-life banquets and conferences. Mike has a passion to equip others to speak to the often emotional and divisive issue of abortion in a way that is both gracious and compelling. You can check out the Project LifeVoice website at www.projectlifevoice.com.

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