Women experiencing an unexpected pregnancy often feel their only option is abortion. This is often due to the pressure they are receiving from people in their support system or their economic situation. They may be told by abortion clinic staff that an abortion will be easy and will allow them to move on with their life. Unfortunately, too late, a post-abortive woman will discover that life will not go on as it did before the abortion.

There are a multitude of physical and emotional symptoms related to an abortion including:

  • Physical
    • Nausea
    • Bleeding
    • Cramping
    • Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
    • Infection due to remaining tissue in the uterus
    • Less Common But Still Possible
      • Hemorrhaging
      • Perforated Uterus
      • Damage to the Cervix
      • Increased Potential for Breast Cancer
  • Psychological
    • Guilt
    • Anxiety
    • Psychological “Numbing”
    • Depression and Thoughts of Suicide
    • Development of Eating Disorders
    • Relationship Issues

There is hope and healing for those women and men who have experienced abortion. If you’ve had an abortion or been involved in the decision to abort, we suggest you check out Deeper Still of Northern Indiana. Right to Life of North Central Indiana partners with, and financially supports, Deeper Still which exists to help the post-abortive woman and man find healing from the emotional effects of an abortion.


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