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Students for pro-life

With the addition of Liz Swain to our staff, Right to Life of North Central Indiana is intentionally taking steps to further our pro-life outreach to the region’s high school and college-age students. Getting students involved with our organization allows us to equip and empower the next generation of pro-life advocates.

One way that we’d like to support students is by encouraging them, with the help of regional Students for Life (SFL) representatives, to start a SFL club at their high school or college, and then walk alongside them in these clubs by providing them with resources, inviting them to community events, funding their club events, etc.

We believe Right to Life can reach pro-life students for this cause through their church’s youth group. Liz has volunteered to speak to local youth groups about the importance of fighting for the preborn as a young person and to encourage them to start up or join their school’s existing Students for Life club. She would also love to meet one-on-one, in person or over the phone, with any student interested in beginning a pro-life group at their school to provide them with resources and walk alongside them throughout the process.

If you are a pastor or church member interested in having Liz speak at your church’s youth group or if you know any student in North Central Indiana who is passionate about the pro-life movement that would like to start a student group on their high school or college campus, please reach out to Liz directly at

We are excited about the opportunity to reach young hearts and minds for this important cause!

Interested in pro-life training for students?

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