Reaching students with the Pro-life message. Liz Swain talks with students.

Over the course of the last 6 months since she joined our Right to Life team, Liz Swain has been expanding our efforts to reach youth for the pro-life cause. One way we have been intentionally connecting with the next generation is by sending Liz to speak at various church youth groups in Warsaw and beyond.

So far, Liz has spoken to the middle and high school students at First Christian Church, and the high school students at Sacred Heart Catholic Church. Her presentation includes an overview of abortion and the pro-life movement, a brief guide for defending one’s stance against opposition, and encouragement to get involved as a young person. Through these speaking engagements, Liz has been able to reach dozens of students so far and make connections with individuals who are excited to bring the message of life into their schools and communities with our help and guidance.

Liz is looking forward to bringing her presentation to multiple more church and school student groups this year. Her next presentation is scheduled for the end of the month at Christ’s Covenant Church in Warsaw. If you are interested in bringing Liz to your church’s youth group or other youth assembly, you can reach her directly at

“What an awesome opportunity it was for our students to hear a biblically sound presentation about the value of life, and the challenges facing the pro-life movement. Liz presented a simple series of biblical truths that led to the logical conclusion that a life begins at conception and as followers of Christ we must stand and protect those who cannot protect themselves. Many students have not fully developed their belief about abortion and I believe that every student ministry should address this important topic with their students, and partnering with Right To Life is an amazing option!”

– Bob Jones, Student Minister at First Christian Church

“Liz’s presentation allowed the students to see how their faith is a foundation in being pro-life. The students also were able to reflect on responses to common arguments that they hear or see in their everyday life and on social media and learned ways to respond with truth and love. I think it was a wonderful opportunity for the students!”

– Tara Clark, Youth Leader at Sacred Heart Catholic Church

Watch the short video below to hear Liz explain more about this opportunity.

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