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Thoughts from the Executive Director

The Biden administration continues to find new ways to push abortion that shows its disregard for unborn babies, even if that means putting women in danger (easy access to chemical abortions is just one example). All of this is a reminder that we need to continue promoting the pro-life message and working to encourage and help women and men choose life. You can make a difference through your support for RTL of NCI.

Thanks to many of you for showing your support by attending one of the four “satellite” spring banquets in April (see report on page 2 of the June Newsletter). Having almost 500 people attend these banquets is a record and a testament to the pro-life support in our region.

RTL of NCI is expanding again as we welcome Pulaski County into the RTL of NCI family! This brings the number of counties we serve to nine. If you or anyone you know is living in Pulaski County, please contact us to get involved in the pro-life effort in that county.

Opportunities are coming up to volunteer and support RTL, starting with buying your fireworks from Franciscan Fireworks (see page 3). FF has supported RTL of NCI for 11 years by donating a generous portion of their fireworks sales to RTL. We also need volunteers to help cover the three fair booths in July(Check out the article on page 2).

I hope you’ll plan to attend the fall pro-life banquet with Ashley Bratcher and Pat Miller and consider bringing someone with you (consider reserving a table?). I have heard Ashley speak and I know you won’t want to miss her story! There is a lot going on in North Central Indiana. Your prayers and financial support will help continue to make a difference in the lives of women and men and save the lives of unborn babies.

Dave Koontz
Executive Director

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