Dave Koontz NCI4Life director

Dave Koontz, Executive Director

With the overturning of Roe, we are seeing an outpouring of what can only be described as evil. For the more radical abortion supporters, it’s no longer about keeping abortion safe, legal and rare. Many abortion supporters now want no limits on abortion with the killing of unborn babies up until birth. In order to validate the procedure, abortion is celebrated (abortion cakes, “Shout Your Abortion,” etc.).  We’re also seeing the marketing of dangerous abortion pills on unsuspecting women who are encouraged to purchase the pills online with no oversight by a doctor.  In the meantime, they’re attempting in some states to make the medically safe abortion pill abortion reversal process illegal.

The abortion industry and its supporters showed up with millions of dollars poured into Ohio to push Issue 1. Lies promoted with millions of dollars can win almost anytime. Northern Indiana is now surrounded by abortion-destination states (IL, MI, and OH). We are seeing a culture being pushed towards anti-life. Here in Indiana and North Central Indiana we need to be continuing to expose the lies and promote a message that all human life (born and unborn) needs to be valued and protected. Your donations will make sure the pro-life movement in North Central Indiana continues to be strong.

On another note, you probably have noticed that we have a new logo. The board decided that it was time to replace the logo we have used for 25 years. The basic reason is that, while protecting moms and unborn babies is still our primary objective, the life issue is becoming more that that (assisted suicide, euthanasia, organ harvesting, etc.). For all the rationale behind the logo change, I encourage you to go to www.nci4life.org/new-logo.

Your partnership in the effort to promote the value and protection of all human life is very appreciated. With your time, money, prayers, and God’s blessing, we can continue to be a light in what seems to be a darkening world. I hope you will have a blessed Christmas and New Year.

For Life,

Dave Koontz
Executive Director

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