What is a Pregnancy Resource Center?

Pregnancy Resource Centers (PRC) are nonprofit organizations that provide compassionate support to women and men experiencing unexpected or difficult pregnancies. There are over 100 Pregnancy Resource Centers in the state of Indiana. All services provided by these centers are free to their clients due to the generosity of the pro-life community.

Many PRCs affiliate with national organizations such as Care Net or Heartbeat International. These national organizations require the pregnancy centers to operate according to high standards of care and integrity.

Pregnancy Resource Centers do not discriminate based on age, race, nationality, religious affiliation, disability, or any arbitrary circumstances. A true PRC will not refer for, or perform abortions.

What services are normally included with a Pregnancy Resource Center?

  • Pregnancy Testing
  • Prenatal and Parenting Classes
  • Material Resources (diapers, wipes, formula, clothing, etc.)
  • Post-Abortion Support

Do Pregnancy Resource Centers also offer medical services?

Some do offer medical services.

  • Limited Ultrasounds for Pregnancy Confirmation (performed by a trained and licensed sonographer)
  • Testing for Sexually Transmitted Infections and Diseases
  • PRCs can also provide referrals to other government and nonprofit agencies for services they may not be able to provide.

Find your local Pregnancy Resource Center.

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